Mid-Century Leather & Brass Magazine Rack

Leather Magazine Rack Table Brass Gilt Carl Abock
Leather Magazine Rack Table Brass Jacques Adnet
Leather Magazine Rack Table Brass
1950s 1960s 1970s Leather Table Bent Ply
Vintage Leather Magazine Rack Table Brass
It would be well within reason to quickly see this as 50s, mid-century, French, maybe Austrian, then liken it or even attribute it to Adnet, Aubock or maybe even try one of the Maisons. Then slap a sizeable price on it. We’re not going to do that. Not even tempted. We’re simply going to allow the piece to speak for itself. 
Refined, tight and neat. High end in its day. These days, right down to a hint of a wobble, it couldn’t be more honest, couldn’t be more original, couldn’t be more of a contrast.

With a look of having been really quite expensive in it’s day. West end. It’s in absolute original condition. Sound, fine and functioning as intended. Honest and obvious level of distressing. Maybe the hint of a wobble when on a completely flat hard floor. Fine on carpet. For lovers of the original look and flavour, ready to use and savour.


Full condition report on request.

DIMENSIONS:   H:47cm (table height:38cm)   W:62cm   D:41cm

PRICE:   £885.00

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