Pair of Large, 1960's, KALMAR Austria
Gold Glass Lamps

Pair of Johanfors Gold Glass Lamps 1960s Johansfors Kalmar Austria Sweden

1960s Swedish Glass Lamp Lamps Vintage

1970s Gold Glass Lamps Retro Vintage

Kalmar Lighting 1960s 1970s Gilt Gold Glass Austria

Kalmar Lamp Austria Glass

Thereís Orrefors, thereís Johansfors, thereís Kalmar. High end luxury, expensive in their day, tasteful, retailed in all the right places, donít be asking the price... Now fully appreciating exactly what we are looking at, time to contemplate.
Fine mid-century Scandinavian design quality, which continually matures, improving with age. Superb.

For the would be designer, symmetry, easy to the eye, easy to place, a joy to live with. For the collector & lover of fine, a joy to live with, a damned good find. Could you find another pair in Manchester, humm, donít think so. Could you find another pair in England, humm, not sure. Could you find another pair in Europe, humm, probably, but youíd maybe also need to discreetly ask the price.

In very good, original condition. Just an air of maturity with mild indication of age. Mild crazing to the internal gilt, by the base of one lamp. Also a slim short vertical line of loss to an upper area of one lamp. The shades, with mild variation of colour are a touch faded. Original wiring, which also includes UK adaptor.To the body, across the light, maybe youíll spot an occasional light scratch.

Note: These lamps have not been professionally electrically safety/ P.A.T. tested. We strongly advise that they are before use. We will be detaching the wiring at the switch before sale.

DIMENSIONS: Height without shade: 55cm  
Height with shade: 81m   
Max diameter of base approx:  19cm

PRICE:   £1850  the pair.

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