MARCEL BREUER Long Chair Chaise

Marcel Breuer Long Chair Chaise Isokon Original 1960s 1970s

A well enough known chaise which was originally designed in the 30's by Marcel Breuer. The innovative design and use of bent ply has proved irresistible over the decades and the chaise, or Long Chair has been reproduced, under license, by a number of manufacturers of note. Regardless of period and age, the long chair proves highly desirable and is testament to good design lasting forever.

Fair to say, the earlier the example the higher the asking price. Based purely on the colour & berber fabric, the use of philips screws and general level of distressing and wear, we'd date this example as 1960's 70's. It's a good vintage example, in good original condition and an undoubted show stopper for the decorative market.

DIMENSIONS:   H: 87cm     L: 139cm     W: 65.5cm           SOLD


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