Quality, Mid-Century, Side Table
Solid Brass, Gilt & Verre Eglonise Glass Top

Maison Bagues Jansen Table Brass Bronze Mirror 1940s French

Maison Bagues Jansen Table

Maison Bagues Jansen Table Lamp Side Mid Century

French Maison Bagues Jansen Table

Maison Bagues Jansen Table The Rub Antique Company UK

French Brass Bronze Table Rams Head Vintage Antique

1940s French Mirror Brass Gilt Table UK

Table Verre Eglonise Brass

Maison Bagues Jansen Table Brass Bronze Mirror 1940s French

There's brass tables and there's brass tables. There's good quality brass tables and there's good quality brass tables. Then there's this table.

Solid, sand cast brass with gilt finish. Verre eglonise glass top. Mid century, the twist rope stretcher and tassel indicative of Italy. Initial impact is of a small, high quality side table in absolute original condition with a some-what sleepy, dusty presentation. Appearing as more the fine quality antique piece, the table is small in stature with a depth of personality. Surprisingly weighty to the lift, it's solid brass structure and quality are then confirmed. This is no Hollywood pretender.

Sturdy and fine. The table is being sold in as found condition, we've done nothing to it other than check it over. The presentation is dusty and a little jaded. Some build up in corners, with areas of tarnishing where the gilt finish is worn exposing brass, some general staining about the table. A general distressed presentation.

Dimensions:   H :  42.5cm    D: 63.6cm

PRICE:   £895

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