1930's  HEAL & SON  Art Deco Occasional Table

Healís Heal and Son Art Deco Table Occasional Side Tubular Steel Chrome Lacquer 30s Ambrose

Healís Heal and Son Art Deco Table Occasional Side Tubular Steel Chrome Lacquer

Healís Heal and Son Art Deco Furniture Antique

Healís Heal and Son Art Deco Table Tubular Steel Chrome Lamp Side Occassional

No makers label and at least a couple of overcoats of  later brushed gloss paint, however.. Using our powers of deduction, we have cleverly deduced this table to be by Healís Design Studio and date 1933.

At the time, a brave step by Healís to embrace the Bauhaus movement by introducing tubular chrome furniture to the British home. Weíve saved a little gem of British heritage from a lifetime of empty anonymity in a dusty back corner, sort of being liked, for being deco. Now catapulted back to the passionate world of appreciative 20th century art & culture.

ID. Having stumbled across the right reference, Healís 1933 catalogue ad for the range ďEconomy with a Difference at HealísĒ. Study the illustrated images carefully (photo 2) and youíll spot our table in the back left corner, by the wall. The very bottom image also states 2ft diam. Oval tubular chrome (a Healís feature). All in the find.

Condition: Sturdy. The table was still in use when found. Over the decades the circular top and shelf have been over painted a number of times, currently off white (offered in various colours originally). Paint now a touch thick and brush strokes can be seen along with chips, dribbles and general distressing.

The chrome has a good honest lustre. Areas of wear, pitting and surface rust in corners, general scuffing and wear about the chrome. Looks good and it's age at the same time.

Enjoy as is and as the find it is. Honest, with a story or two to tell. Itís Healís ! Alternatively, strip the finish and re-finish to a colour. Consider the chrome.

DIMENSIONS: Diameter: 2ft  (61cm)    H: 55cm     W: 116cm

PRICE:   £465

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