Pair of 1940s Italian Settees / Benches
Attributed to Paolo Buffa

Paolo Buffa Pair Italian 1940s Settees Bench Canape Divano Seating 1950s Chair

Paolo Buffa Chair Seat Furniture

Pair Italian 1940s Settees Paolo Buffa

The Rub Antique Company Divano 1950s

Pair Italian 1940s Settees Antique

Pair Italian 1940s Transitional Settees Bench Paolo Buffa Seating 1950s Antique

Pair Italian 1940s Settees Bench Canape Divano Paolo Buffa Seating Antique

Unidentified. There to be discovered...

It would be easy to suggest the settees were Italian, displaying Paolo Buffa tendencies. They’re curious enough, tasteful enough and sophisticated, enough. However, there is no need. They're a particularly fine, prized pair in their own right. Delicate in proportion, sound quality structure, quizzical style of a crossing of periods and movements, rococo to art deco. 1940s Transitional.

Dream like in form and presentation, the settees are quite like no other. Functional maybe in the practical sense of occasional seating. In reality, designed more as a statement making work of art, with decorative purpose.

.. and of course, as a pair, offer symmetry.

Condition in brief: Although quite delicate in form and light-weight to the lift, the benches are surprising sturdy with a good feel of quality. They show no signs of repairs or restoration structurally. The upholstery later, well executed however now again, tired and heavily worn. Our initial reaction to the timber is solid Sycamore.

DIMENSIONS: H: 76.5cm    W: 105cm     D: 44cm      Seat Height: 42.5cm

PRICE:   £3350  the pair.

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